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A Medical Doctor turned Teacher, Trainer, Preacher, Author, Life Coach, Consultant and Motivational Speaker. Temi Odejide is truly a man of many parts.

He pioneered his first youth fellowship on a University campus when he was 15 years old called Anointed Fellowship. On becoming a student of the University he birthed his first writing ministry called Anointed Ministries.

He later became the pastor of one of the largest campus fellowships in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife; Christ Love Fellowship (1996-1998) and took it to another level. Under his leadership the Christ Love Fellowship experienced exponential growth to attendances of over 1000 people weekly. He introduced the potent message of the cutting edge gospel where you become all things to all men that by all means you might win many. He was not afraid of the controversial as long as it was in a bid to reach the lost. He was known for shocking message titles that often took from current affairs but brought them into spiritual relevance. Through his vision the fellowship was able stage a number of huge outreach concerts (packing the largest venues that the campus had to offer) that saw multitudes getting saved.
He has since graduation from University been serving as a Senior Associate Pastor in House on the Rock, The Refuge in the city of Abuja Nigeria. He is an ordained reverend with House on the Rock Churches. House on the Rock is an international ministry with multiple outlets across the globe carrying a relevant message of hope, power and excellence in the Kingdom. He held the office of the Director Administration and Finance in Abuja. He oversaw and anchored the Singles Ministry, the Married Couples Fellowship, The Cell System of the Church apart from many other ministry responsibilities while in Abuja. He has recently been posted to House on the Rock, The Lighthouse London as the International Missions Administrator.
He is the author of the motivational classic – ‘See Your Way Forward!’ A naturally adept teacher with an analytical mind, who is a much sought after conference speaker and forward movement strategist (CEO of Navig8 4ward Consult).
He is an apostle of realistic faith and of the cutting edge of the Kingdom message. Through potent motivation and rare revelatory insight into the Word of God, he compels faith for forward movement; ‘Faith Comes!’ He has an intense passion for leadership development, forward movement, unveiling hidden potential and Kingdom Advancement! At the core of his passion is his desire to demystify truth. He wants to bring the scripture to great practical relevance in day to day living. Spiritual in his person yet pragmatic in his approach, his message cuts across many genres. Some call him an apologist, a preacher, a motivator and a counselor. He is all these and more, but mostly likes to think of himself as simply a teacher.
Temi Odejide is happily married to Abisoye and they have 3 lovely children.
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E-mail:  ptemi1@temiodejide.com, ptemi1@yahoo.com, ptemi1@gmail.com 

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