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Posted on 6th November 2012
Posted on 31st October 2012

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Making Your Relationships Work 1

Making Your Relationships Work 1


‘Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?’ – Amos 3:3


Your future will be defined by the knowledge you acquire and apply and the relationships in your life.


Nothing of significance is achieved alone. Relationships are vital to achieving greatness. We must learn how to make our relationship work for us.


There are vital relationships that you must identify, cultivate and protect. Here are a few key ones:


The first and most important is your relationship with God. In Him we live, we move and have our being. You must prioritize this relationship above all others. Like any other valuable relationship you must invest time and attention in it. It is the first but it is not the only. He said seek you first (not only) the kingdom of God.


Your relationship with your parents. The Scriptures say honor your Father and Mother that is might be well with you, this is the first commandment with promise. Regardless of whether they are good or bad parents you owe them honor. Parental blessing is vital and is never easily substituted.


Your relationship with your spouse. After your relationship with God this is the most important relationship. This relationship has the power to bring you closer to God or draw your heart away from God. This is a make or break relationship. If you are not yet married you must do your due diligence to choose prayerfully and wisely. Many have truncated their destiny through wrong wedlock. If you are married, don’t take your spouse for granted, invest in that most important relationship: time, attention and money.


Your relationship with your pastor. 2 Chronicles 20:20b says ‘Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.’ Your prosperity and success is in the mouth of your prophet/pastor. You do well to develop a good and honorable relationship with him/her.


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